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We have made an idea a great success!

La Franca Kevinkevin la franca

These are products designed for locksmith, our remotes are born for satisfy some needs, in our ideology it is useless to create something that already exists if it does not compensate for the shortcomings of others. Which was the main problems meet by locksmith?

For understand before need know that in the first years of 2000 the 60% of manufacture of cars, initially don't made alarm by-self, so several company take parnership with some companies that produce alarms for cars, so when the private take a new car, depend the year the dealer sold the car with alarm of X company. After with progression, all cars manufactures produced alarm by-self, so the 70% of company that made alarms for cars closed. Which was the problem? After that the production of parts was stopped, the end custumer meet problem to get a new remote control, so if was lucky find a new remote from locksmith but only if locksmith had inventories, which time become ever more complex find the parts. We have realized a remote control called GenIO (genie) that can hack the code of 70% of controllers that are inside at these remotes controls for moto and cars.