About us - ICAB

ICAB Company presentation

ICAB is a long project of Mr. La Franca Giuseppe, him started to work in security sector when him was old 13 years (of course we spoking of 1983 was others times), thanks his young starting him has grown following the evolution of security and today thanks his 40 years of experience in locksmith sectory, bank security, car security is born the project called ICAB, and thanks the trust in the person from best producers in the world of security today ICAB is a registered brand that offer the best solutions.
But the main question is "WHY made this project?". The reason is easy, today the security is become a caos, you find several video from internet, but some of them are fake, are manipulation of others that want made bad adversing, each website have his idea of security and several time is wrong or them want transfer some messages and aspects of security some time also for promote. However today internet is a resource but only some contents are really made excellent. So we think, that today people need a brand like ICAB that is see like a brand that don't need know more, but need only give trust at experts that are in backstage of projects.

ICAB products are entirely produced by us, according to our requests, modifications and precautions. We rely on the best security and technology factories known in the world of security and electronics. Some of the projects are carried out with the collaboration of entities and partners recognized in the world of passive safety. The ICAB project also provides for the selection of authorized centers classifying them in bronze, silver and gold categories. For us, classification is essential, because the end customer who will visit the authorized ICAB center must find technically competent people, and prepared for every answer.

What is ICAB SECURITY SYSTEMS? Experience, Professionalism, Seriousness, Guarantee and Safety in security systems.