IC-KS Technical Sheet

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For understand what we will propose to you, follow image up with next words. For first we offer a strong key anti-break and with a rifiniture of nickel silver, some keys in commerce are realized in soft metal or are too thin, in the time people risk to break key inside the cylinder with the risk to rest out the door, our key is not indestructible but certainly better and is much more reliable to breakage and falls that could damage the profile slides that slide the active and passive pins. The rifiniture in nichel silver lengthens the wear times of the active and passive pins caused by the key rubbing with the pins themselves during the key entry and exit phases in the cylinder.

The symmetrical profile allows the end user to be able to enter the key on both sides, this allows more old users or kids not to worry, and avoid damage from insistence. Thanks to the multi-track system highlighted in the figure and the symmetrical system we obtain two types of security. The first drastically reduces the space for manipulation by the thief, who will find himself forced to operate with thin tools (which could easily break). The second security obtained from the combination of symmetry and the multi-track system is that reconstructing a key for this cylinder by hand on site becomes very difficult and dangerous. The multi-track system is not linear, therefore it is impossible to enter a different key inside the cylinder.

The possible cylinder combinations are enormous, thanks to the 16 elements. Specifically, 6 of the 10 pins are active by springs and counter-pins (special counter-pins anti-picking), the other 5 pins are passive and are located in the base of the key without an active system of counter-pins and springs, the passive system exploits the force of gravity, the thief during the manipulation phase will not have resistance (usually exerted by the counter-pin and spring), therefore the manipulation system with pick-groped will be more complex. Another 5 passive pins are located in the horizontal part of the key, so in addition to contributing to a greater number of combinations, the horizontal passive system makes the cylinder anti-bumping (the targeted hammering can affect the vertical pins, but will not be able to align the horizontal ones.

The torsion curvature made in 3D allows you to caress the pins during the entry phase, limiting consumption and making entry very smooth. The special coupling of the clutch has a double function, the first allows a user who comes from outside to open the door with a second key, in the event that someone inside the house does not respond (old men, children or others emergencies cases) of course need to have another key can gain access. Second advantage, the clutch has a internal slight indentation towards the key, so a handcrafted key without the perfect internal curvature, will not have the pins perfectly aligned or will not be able to drag the range with the clutch.

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The complex structure is realized for resist to the thief's only alternatives, drilling and destroying the cylinder. LOOK TOGHETER!
For first we can note in figure all elements (actives and passives) that we have spoke before, we can note also how is made the clutch and his adapter that are importants for emergency cases and contributes to the anti-thief system.

The body of cylinder lock, have a stainless steel bar that permit to protect the cylinder in cases where the thieves want break the cylinder for touch the main rotor and open the door. The cylinder is made also for anti-drilling, the thieves know that if them can't o them no know manipulate the cylinder, the only method for open it, is or break or drill all inside parts, the cylinder have a good external structure and inside have some rotors anti-drilling.
In physics, a smooth and round body is not easily pierced, because the tip slips, if you notice in the figure there are two anti-forage rotors, placed one perpendicular to the other. If the thief uses an unsuitable drill bit, when the tip slips between the two rotors it breaks, if instead the tip is too big it will continue to slide and not cut. Of course is not impossible drill this cylinder, but the thieves can't risk to lost many hours for open a door, and usually the thieves no is prepared with special drill bits for drilling, and if you note in picture inside there are others anti-perforation rotors and parts for resist.

IC-KS is an excellent cylinder, it is not indestructible but it is very resistant, and handling it can be complex and require time that the thief does not technically have. Obviously, we at ICAB advise you to install an anti-tear lock (the trap that blocks the lock in the event of forced extraction of the cylinder), and to add external protection to defend the cylinder. Contact the ICAB center more near to you!