Be more innovative
than thieves

The thief is a job,
studying how blocking the thief, is another job!

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ICAB was born from the passion for researching the most innovative security systems in the car locks and anti-theft sector. With over 40 years of experience in the locksmith sector in Italy, the main European nation for domestic and car thefts, the ICAB team has thought of selecting the best products in the global market, which can protect consumers with current times. All the products selected by us are identified by the presence of the registered trademark ICAB. The consumer relies on the technical experience of ICAB specialists for his safety...

IC-KS Security System Lock

The security cylinder with european profile registered by ICAB with support and collaboration of EVVA company.

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IC-KS is a security european cylinder studied for medium social class that want a good security without spend hight costs. Why choose IC-KS? The key coding system alone has an internal structure of 6 active pins and 10 passive pins, therefore the system is more complex for openings with manual lock picks, also thanks to the technical structure of the profile characterized by several different longitudinal levels, which go limit the space for manipulating the lock pick and favor the complexity of opening without burglary. The cylinder offers protection, anti-drilling, anti-extraction, anti-picking, anti-probing, anti-bumping. The system is also designed for an elderly public, thanks to the internal clutch if the key is left inserted, on the opposite side it is possible to open the door with a second key. The key is covered in precious nickel silver material resistant to corrosion, the tip is designed with special 3D torsion curves which favors sliding entry and limits the natural wear of the internal pins, duplication of the key is protected by a special ID Card, which can only be duplicated and exclusively in authorized ICAB centres. The cylinder is covered by a patent until 2037 and has all the main European certifications. The cylinder can also be used in commercial and healthcare structures near the fire-fighting bars thanks to a resistance of about 90min exposed to flames.

Automotive Anti-Thefts Systems

The thief cannot waste time,
his time is proportional to the risk.

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To stop a car thief, one must understand the existing systems and know the tactics for each vehicle. Thanks to the collaboration of Transponder Solution, a well-known Italian company in the sector of distribution of equipment for encoding keys and control units, the ICAB team has found the most efficient mechanical solutions to prevent car theft. Before introducing the "SHIELD" system, it is necessary to understand how a thief steals a car...