Shield car protections

Why no protect your car if is possible?

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The Shield products for OBDII and engine ecu are the perfect solutions for lock the several cars thefts. The main systems for start a car are five methods:

  1. Start car with engine ecu modified: The thieves where is possible take a second hand Engine Ecu same or compatible with car and replace with original of your car. The internal file map/eeprom of them second hand engine ecu is modified for start car with any type of key also of another car, with this jump the immobilizer system is by-passed and them can start car from 30seconds to 2 minutes max. Our Ecu Shield protect your ecu and the thieves can't disconnect the plugs for connect others engine ECU. The only method is take hammer and punch and unscrew the headless screws (if a good installation is made) or the screws are welded with a dot, the thief will not be able to unscrew them, however for you in the event that the control unit needs to be replaced in the future, we have the spare screws.
  2. OBDII emergency start: Several cars, are ready by manufacture for jump the immobilizer with emergency start, the garage that need take a stopped car, can init with pincode o with a special diagnostic the emergecy start for move the car in different emergency cases. The devices producer for thieves are much updates in these subjects, after that them know, how start car in emergency mode, they replay the signal for start and theft the car. On some cases the devices before extract pincode from engine ecu or body computer or dashboard (depend the car) and after start the car. All this process is automacally the thieves the buy these devices need only plug the device in OBDII and follow the instructions of the tool used (wait some seconds, wait led green ON , etc etc). With our OBDII Shield them can't plug anything becouse the obd port is protected inside a inox strongbox, and can be open only if use a special netoma key.
  3. Use OBDII aftermarket device for program a new key: This is more improbable becose this method require more time, at difference of previous that need only some seconds, this method can require some minutes. But some thieves are crazy and instead some cars like 90% of cars with keyless system the new key can be program is some seconds like emergency start system. So also in this case the OBDII Shield can protect your obd port from thieves!
  4. Change with another KIT of ecu's with one valid keys: For newest cars where is not born yet the system for take car with a modified ecu (decoded ecu) or have not discovered how to start in emergency or how to program a new key, the more expert thieves can replace all the necessary parts with the main control units of another car where the valid key is present. This method is infallible, but with our Shield for engine ECU them can't replace the main ecu that give them the consens for start the car.
  5. Reply attack: We not have a solution at moment for this, but protect your car from this is easy! You can find by internet some keychain that lock the signal of key, otherwise you can use a professional system realized by Keyless Protector, is a sensor that you'll put in battery of key, this will enable and disable the contact of battery with remote circuit board(if battery contact is OFF the keyless is OFF, if battery contact is ON the keyless of key is ON).

Our shields are the best solutions in the market for protect your car from thieves, you'll preciate our products! There are several type of Shields becouse not all obdii ports are same and also all engine ecu are not the sames. We have differents models for each type, will need consult our ICAB Centers, you can find and look here ICAB CENTERS.